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Magnetic Resonance

2024 chiLife Online Workshop; 22nd May, 2024 at 18:00-21:00 Pacific Daylight Time; All registered participants will receive an email with information on how to access the online workshop and materials a few days prior to the workshop and there is no need to install chiLife or Python ahead of time; Register at https://forms.gle/r6VHt1LWKhrsK7Ww7.

EuroMAR2024 Bilbao logoEUROMAR 2024; 30th June - 4th July, 2024, Bilbao, Spain;

Global NMR Online Conference 2024 logoGlobal NMR Online Conference 2024 , 17th-19th July, 2024, on X (Twitter); on the development and application of magnetic resonance, to provide opportunities to all interested students, postdocs, and researchers to present their work, facilitate open discussions, and promote networking across the wider magnetic resonance community. Access is completely free and open to everyone! Prizes awarded to the top presenters!  Registration opens from April 15th to July 5th. All are welcome to register, however only undergraduates, graduates, and postdoc registrants will be eligible for prizes; How does it work?

  • At the start of the conference, tweet your presentation with a title and the hashtag #GlobalnmrOC2024. Stay tuned for more instructions and suggestions regarding presentation formats!
  • Discuss and engage during the three-day conference by commenting and responding to comments, and by retweeting presentations.


Rocky Mountain Conference logo 63rd Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance featuring the Solid-state NMR Symposium and the 45th International EPR Symposium, 4th-8th August, 2024, Copper Conference Center, Copper Mountain, CO, USA; Deadlines: Oral Presentation Abstracts, 1st May, 2024; Poster Presentation Abstracts, 1st June, 2024; Early Registration Rate, 15th June, 2024 and Lodging Reservations, 2nd July, 2024;

2024 ICMRBS Conference; 18th - 23rd August, 2024; Coex, Seoul, South Korea; Deadlines: Oral Presentation Abstracts, extended to 12th May, 2024; Poster Presentation Abstracts, 31st May, 2024; and, Early Registration Rate, 31st May, 2024;

MRPM 2024 logo16th Bienniel Magnetic Resonance and Porous Media Conference; 26th-30th August, 2024, Tromsø, Norway; Abstract submission deadline is 19th April, 2024; https://mrpm2024.org/

NMR Crystallography Faraday Discussion; 4th-6th September, 2024, Birmingham, United Kingdom; Early Bird registration by 22nd July, 2024; Poster abstract deadline, 24th June, 2024; Oral abstract deadline, 18th December, 2023; standard registration deadline 12th August, 2024;

EFEPR2024 logoThe XIIth Conference of the European Federation of EPR groups (EFEPR) meeting 2024; 8th-12th September 2024, Marseille, France; Abstract Deadline 14th June 2024; Early Bird Registration Deadline 31st May, 2024; https://efepr2024.sciencesconf.org/

SMARTER 8 logoSMARTER 8; 22nd-25th September, 2024, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal; https://smarter8.events.chemistry.pt/

SMARTER 8 logo3rd Annual Users Meeting of the PANACEA Consortium; 25th-26th September, 2024, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal; https://panacea-nmr.eu/

2026 ICMRBS Conference; August, 2026; Davos, Switzerland; http://icmrbs.org

Preclinical Molecular Imaging

15th ESMI "hot TOPics in IMaging - TOPIM 2024"; “IMAGING THE HALLMARKS OF CANCER – New Dimensions”, Certosa Di Pontignano, Siena, Italy, 26th-30th August, 2024; Abstract Deadline 14th May 2024;

Other Areas

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Useful Links

Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic Resonance Mailing List: serves its member community to help spread NMR related information on jobs, post-doc and PhD positions, conferences, news, etc. NOTE: the URL has changed to; https://listes.services.cnrs.fr/wws/info/nmr.

The International EPR (ESR) Society Official Twitter Account: tweeting EPR news, views and papers; https://twitter.com/EPR_ESR.

AMPERE logoGroupement AMPERE Website: the largest organization in Europe dedicated to promoting Magnetic Resonance in Physics, Chemistry and related fields.

ISMAR logo
The website of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR)
; ISMAR represents the whole range of magnetic resonance (MR), such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

Bridge12 logo
Get up-to-date articles about Dynamic Nuclear Polarization enhanced NMR spectroscopy (DNP-NMR) and related terahertz technologies. Brought to you by Bridge12: https://www.bridge12.com/blog/.

Signals logo
  The LOGS blog concerning scientific instrument data organisation, retention, distribution, accessability and veracity:

Spinach logo
Version 2.9 of the Spinach library is now available on the Theoretical and Computational Spin Dynamics Group web site and GitHub with many new features for EPR, NMR and DNP: http://spindynamics.org. It will shortly be available at NMRBox https://nmrbox.nmrhub.org.

chiLife (or χLife) is a python package for modeling non-canonical amino acid side chain ensembles, primarily site directed spin labels (SDSLs), and using those ensembles to predict experimental results. The goal of chiLife is to provide a simple, flexible and interoperable python interface to protein side chain ensemble modeling, allowing for rapid development of custom analysis and modeling pipelines. See https://github.com/StollLab/chiLife.

csdmpy logocsdmpy is a Python support package for the core scientific dataset (CSD) model file exchange format. The package is based on the core scientific dataset (CSD) model (link is external), which is designed as a building block in the development of a more sophisticated portable scientific dataset file standard and is capable of handling a wide variety of scientific datasets both within and across disciplinary fields https://csdmpy.readthedocs.io.

mrsimulator logo
mrsimulator is an open-source Python package for fast computation/analysis of solid-state magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra of both crystalline and amorphous materials https://mrsimulator.readthedocs.io.

ICMRBS Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsxup-QiNEeBrfo-4d5w33Q
ICMRBS Web Site:https://www.mpinat.mpg.de/emergingmr/.

Alxej's COVID-19 infographic
The new location of Professor Alexej Jerschow's NMR isotope list/map!

NMRium, safe, advanced NMR spectral processing in a browser:

A significant part of the archive of Dr. Barry Shapiro’s NMR Newsletters is now available online at the ISMAR website. These letters are an important part of the history of magnetic resonance and should not be lost to current and future generations of spectroscopists. They were used as a quick and informal exchange of information. Many new developments in the field were announced there first. But they often also reflect a lighter side of NMR spectroscopy. Thanks to ISMAR and support by the Shapiro family for this project, these letters are now available to browse and read.
303 of the 516 issues were scanned and uploaded. For the 213 remaining ones we would like to ask the community to look in their libraries and bookshelves for the missing issues. Please send PDF’s to clemens.anklin@bruker.com or if you prefer to send the hard copy contact Clemens for a mailing address (Clemens Anklin, Stephan Grzesiek and Frances Separovic).

Martin Dračínský and the NMR-challenge team have prepared a new interactive website, where you can solve the structures of small organic compounds from 1D and 2D NMR spectra. Feel free to spread the link or use the website for teaching. Enjoy the NMR challenge!

EquipSent logoEquipSent Enable Education - Everywhere. Education and research in low-income countries is severly hindered by lack of funding for scientific equipment - while in high-income countries, such devices are being discarded when they come of age and are still functional. EquipSent seeks to bridge these two dilemmas. Join us to enable education, everywhere!


Like colouring in pictures? Like science? Visit here for science based colouring artwork!

The International Year of the Period Table was in 2019! Follow the link if you would like to access a dynamic periodic table of the elements... Courtesy of Michael Dayah. Ptable: The Interactive Periodic Table. 1 Oct. 1997. Web. 8 Mar 2019

Do you want to collaborate with other scientists in creating synchrotron experiments? Well, The Diamond Light Source has a game for you, Diamond: The Game, created by Claire Murray, Mark Basham (Diamond Light Source) and Matthew Dunstan (University of Cambridge) and can be downloaded from the link below!

Want to learn about Chemistry and have fun at the same time? Now you can, visit d-Orbital Games founded by Dr Zachary Thammavongsy!

Do you want to uncover your unconcious biases - then head over to Harvard's Project Implicit: